Reinventing storytelling

Telling stories is as old as humanity itself.

Cave dwellers used pigment to paint on walls with their hands to create stories and myths. Ancient-Greece bards like Aesop and Homer thrilled their audiences with oral tales that survived the tests of time throughout the millennials, ranging from the fall of the Trojans, to fables such as the Tortoise and the Hare. After the 19th century, technology contributed to the creation of photography, motion pictures, telephones, radio, TV, digital media, mobile media and social media. Technology has given us the ability to practice our intrinsic nature as visual individuals.

Stories have connected us to our humanity. Swayed our opinions and changed our beliefs. Built our identities and gave meaning to our existence. They connect us with the core of being.

Today, we are uniquely situated at a crucial part of the digital era to shape how future stories will be told and remembered. As we incorporate computers, interactivity, and agency into our stories, those stories will evolve. And so will we.

Who we are

Faliro XR, founded in 2020, endeavours to lead the digital transformation of storytelling through research, immersive content production, and software development, by utilising prominent technologies, such as VR, AR, and artificial intelligence.

About Faliro House

Twelve years ago, Faliro House —our sister company— set to become the frontrunner in the reemergence of Greek cinema. Today, Faliro House has achieved numerous strategic partnerships in Europe and the United States, including a development deal with FilmNation Entertainment, and is currently the leading production services provider in Greece.